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Dedicated service, genuine friendships, outstanding performance are but a few of what I can use to describe RCNC members who have for the past 35 years diligently served the club and made a difference in the communities who continue to benefit from our projects.

Members of RCNC work so hard.

This Rotary Year, we reward the membership. We celebrate the membership.

This 2012/13 Rotary Year is about appreciating and getting more causes to bring people together.

This year is also about creating legacies. Living a legacy is a deliberate choice, it must be caused and we shall cause it. In the course of doing so, we must remember that we cannot build legacies while we still want to exist in our comfort zones and dwell in mediocrity. Living a legacy includes making sacrifices. The MAU MAU in Kenya did not attain independence by restricting themselves to their comfort zones. To build legacies, there must be sacrifices. For those who still believe Kijabe was the worst experience of your Rotaract Years, then you certainly do not believe in legacies. The 2300 trees are now a year and 2 months old and are part of the greater carbon sink that is Kereita Forest. We must be willing to sacrifice and get out of our comfort zones to build things that will outlast us!

Norman Kuria thinks I have good taste in shoes. Well, he does not know that this is done deliberately. If people think you have good legs, then you accessories the legs with good shoes and a mini-something from time. This way I am able to distract people from being intimidated by my somewhat Gad-like face and we are able to work on something constructive. This year, at RCNC, we shall not be intimidated by your weaknesses. We are focusing on your strengths and we shall utilize, magnify and tap into the talent of our membership!

To the Membership. RCNC is 35 years old. Rct. Nairobi North is barely a year old – they are toddlers in Rotaract and it is understandable for them to fall once too often as they learn to walk. Baby steps! We have various Rotaract Clubs which are still youngsters with some only a single digit old and others moving into their teenage hood. It is understandable for them to make some mistakes given the age period they are going through. It is learning the ropes! They say we accomplish and do great things between the ages of 30 & 40 years! For RCNC to behave in a manner likely to suggest a struggle with mid-life crisis, it sure will be a shame and a pity. Let’s act our age! We are 35 years old. We must set the pace!

To my board of directors. You are leaders. There is no comfort in leadership. One year is too short a time for you to say it shall be done tomorrow. What has to be done must be done. This year is about leadership and efficiency. We have been entrusted with responsibility, lets live up to the expectation of the membership.

As we move into the “Peace Through Service” Rotary Year 2012/13, let’s remember we are all leaders:

 “To think or say that, ‘I am too busy for Rotaract’, and abscond/abandon the duties we have been entrusted by the people who had faith in us is the biggest Rotaract lie of all! If we wait not to be too busy for us to make our contributions to the Rotaract fraternity, we only lie to ourselves. Rotaract will not wait for us. Things will go on. By the time you are not too busy, you may as well be past the Rotaract Age gap!


Rotaract presents us with an opportunity to strike that delicate balance in our lives between education, career, family, social life and the duties and responsibilities that come with being a Rotaractor. Being an active Rotaractor does not in any way jeopardize the other areas in your life. If anything, it only adds great value that enriches all aspect of one’s life. If you are a successful Rotaractor, there is no way you will be a failure in your business, career, education or family. If you are successful in your business, career, education or family, you certainly cannot be a failure in Rotaract! Rotaract continues to record great success stories out of the leaders that diligently served during their terms in office years past. Take your leadership roles seriously. Rotaract was, is and will continue to be a success story!”


Wishing each and every one of us in the Rotaract Fraternity a peaceful, prosperous and legendary Rotary Year 2012/13!

Yours in Rotary Service,

Irina Katherina Wandera (P.K.)

President 2012/13

+254 723 582 492

Blog: https://rcnckenya.wordpress.com/



Facebook Group: The Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central, https://www.facebook.com/groups/20109653688/

Twitter: @RCNC_Rotaract


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