40 Years Later – Making A Difference



The handover ceremony took place on 27th June 2017.


P.D.G. Eric Kimani, President David Githanga, P.E. Mohamedali Rahimtulla, D.R.R. Elect Billy Kagai, Country Chair Elect Mary Ng’endo, Rotarians, My fellow Rotaractors, Alumni, and guests.

Good Evening.

(To state the obvious) RCNC is turning 40 this Rotary year. Our club is older than all the current members and guests and the oldest rotaract club in Kenya! For some of us, this club is twice as old as we are (Or claim to be). The club is epitomized by four decades of purposeful and deliberate endeavour by its members and our mother club (The Rotary Club of Nairobi) to achieve the five goals of Rotaract.

Although I have been in the club for just four years, I have seen members grow in their professions and as leaders.

Members have come to know, appreciate and benefit from the various occupations represented here. We have identified and addressed various needs in our communities, worked with our mother club and some of us (though less than would be ideal) have transitioned into Rotary.

In my opinion, RCNC has done well.

As one of our alumni (Dickson Njuguna) likes to remind us, “the reward for a job well done is the opportunity (in our case, I would call it the obligation) to do more”.

In this new Rotary year, we are presented with another opportunity to make further contributions to the story of Rotary and Rotaract. This opportunity is aptly encapsulated in this year’s Rotary theme presented by R.I. President Ian Riseley.

“Rotary- Making a difference”.

As per Rotary and Rotaract tradition, how we choose to make a difference as individuals and as a club is our decision.

The following is a highlight how we plan to make a difference in this Rotary year through your efforts, my resourceful members, my able board and I as president.

Rotary – Rotaract Mentorship

This is an idea conceptualized by past presidents and shepherded to reality by Rtr. Cecilia Ngotho. In its second year, we plan to solidify the structures we have put in place,  expand the program to include more Rotarians and Rotaractors and implement a systematic monitoring, evaluation and reporting process. Our ultimate goal is to create a mentorship program that will hold long after you and I have exited our clubs or the purpose of mentorship is has been achieved.

Membership growth

To grow our club and to ensure its continued success, we plan to increase average active membership to 50. This we shall do by actively engaging our regular guests and various Rotaractors from institution-based clubs who are looking to transition after schooling.

Membership transition into Rotary

This goal is at the very heart of Rotary and is one of the fundamental agendas this coming year. We plan to actively encourage our alumni and members who are of age to join, preferably, the Rotary Club of Nairobi, if not, a rotary club that is within their areas of service. This, we plan to achieve by incorporating various select alumni into our mentorship program with RCN.

International Twin Clubs

For about five years now, we have enjoyed a successful and mutually beneficial twin relationship with the Rotaract Club of Kampala Ssese Islands. Our various trips to and from Uganda have borne all kind of wonderful and unexpected fruits. Some of these fruits even have names, Linda Njuguna, Dilan and Deline.

Having consolidated our relationship with the Sailors, we plan to focus on our other twin (or is it Triplet) Club, the Rotaract Club of Mella in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. From a quick survey I did, our members and guests are not averse to the idea of a road trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Doesn’t this sound like an exciting adventure to pursue?

A Girl A K A Year  (H-Pads for girls) – The conclusion

For the past few years, (now that RCNC is 40, of course), this has been by far one of the most significant and impactful projects we have undertaken. The awards we have received and the over four thousand girls whose lives we have touched are a true testament to what RCNC is capable of.

Despite our strong attachment to this project and the need that still exists for sanitary pads amongst school going girls. We feel that the time has come to conclude this project. In this rotary year, we plan to assess and implement the best possible exit strategy for this project. Hopefully, the recently assented to education bill with a provision to supply sanitary towels to school going girls, will sustain our over 4000 girls upon our exit.

The next Signature Service Project

Even as we conclude on the H-pads for girls project, we welcome ideas from all our members, Rotarians and even guest on our next big idea for a service project. This, however, comes with a caveat – the ideas proposed should be big . . . . . . . . . . .  big enough to scare us . . . . . . and we are not easily scared . . . .

As DGN Joe Otin puts it, “Make no small plans, because small plans have no magic to stir men’s blood.”

While working to achieve all the above, we will also strive to make our fellowships informative, we will mentor our interactors and the Rotaract Club of USIU-A, we will distribute sanitary pads to the various schools we still support, we will go to Ssese, We will support our mother club, we will support the Country and District Rotaract offices, we will visit other clubs to share goodwill and better friendships, we will seek out new partners in service and we will do all this while having a lot of fun.

All we have to do in this year seems quite a lot. And it is. But at RCNC, we commit, we put in the work and we deliver, every single time. That is what we do.

As we endeavour to achieve these goals, I would like to introduce you to my board of directors. These are the ladies and gentlemen who we have entrusted to lead us in achieving our various goals.


  1. Vice President – Eva Nyawira Gachuiri
  2. Finance Director – Peris Wangeci Mukuria
  3. Finance Director – Newton Mwai
  4. Secretary – Lilian Muringo Mwangi
  5. Secretary – Rosemary Wangeci
  6. Immediate Past President – Denis Munene
  7. President Elect – Cecilia Njeri Ngotho
  8. President Nominee –Jamal Harsam Guyo
  9. Professional and Leadership Development Director – Cecilia Njeri Ngotho
  10. PLD Directors – Ambrose Mbuvi, Jamal Harsam & Betty Mbaya
  11. Community Service Director – Samuel Kamau Githiomi
  12. Community Service Director – Teresa Ndugo Sankare
  13. Club Service Director – Samantha Nyawira Miriti
  14. Club Service Director – Elizabeth Wagachire
  15. International Service Director – Samuel Karanja
  16. International Service Directors – Alfred Mwashighadi & Charles Mwakio
  17. Public Relations (PR) Director – Mercy Bolemi
  18. Public Relations Director – Jacob Tukai
  19. Fundraising Director – Susan Wanjiku Mwaura
  20. Fundraising Director – David Kigunda Kiiru
  21. Sergeant at Arms – Evans Obirika

The board will be advised by the following members who have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience through their service in Rotaract

  1. Past President Mary Gaichiri
  2. Past President Japheth Agwanda
  3. Past President Albashir Ahmed Ibrahim

To my board, I pledge to you my full support and cooperation as you undertake your new roles. I will have your backs, all through.

To my members,

As your president, I will endeavour to push you out of your comfort zones, to have you walking down paths that may look unfamiliar, doing things you may not ordinarily do so that we can all collectively achieve more than we thought we could.

I cannot promise that it will be easy, but I promise to serve you all to the best of my abilities and to make RCNC a conducive environment where you can all make a difference in your own lives and in the lives of others.

To Rotary and Rotaract the World over!!!

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