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A Day in the Life of Two Lawyers

Kimani Muhoro: Lawyer and Advocate of the High Court of Kenya

The date is 29th March 2011, the venue Laico Regency formerly the Grand Regency and the occasion is the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central meeting where we are hosting two lawyers. We expect the turn out to be good and as early as 5.20 p.m. the club members had started flocking in.

Well, Kimani is an early bird, always has been. The former Professional Development Director 2009/2010 Rotary year and a member of the club was among the first to arrive looking sharp as usual and got underway to getting acquainted with the would be audience some members of the club others guest who were thronging in. Lucky for Kimani, he works within the CBD and didn’t have to beat traffic to get here on time.

Just an observation, is it just me or is it true that traffic is becoming more and more terrible in our city and especially on Tuesdays when we have our meetings and some of our guest speakers have to be caught up in it for one or so hours. I remember MOG were caught in it for almost an hour, so was Kenneth Njiru of Uungwana, our Neuro Semantic guest Martine and on this particular day, Christel Adamou was not so lucky to escape it either.

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The meeting kicked off at about 6.30 p.m. with the chair for the day being one Gatei Waweru who for one reason or the other wanted to keep the audience on their feet longer than is expected until an interceptor in the crowd saved us all from standing throughout the meeting which went on for some one and half hour or so. Am still wondering if that was the intention but all the same, the chair kept the meeting very alive and so did the two speakers.

Unlike the tradition of the speakers making a 20 or so minutes presentation and thereafter the audience asking questions, the speakers for the day decided that it would all be about the audience and they were given the chance to ask any and all questions they wanted answered by the lawyers. I think this was one of the most interactive talk we have ever had. Kudos to Alvin and Christel for making it so. Sometimes you can make a very nice presentation and present to an audience and at the end of the day, you have not told them what they wanted to know but when the audience asks the questions, then you attend to the specific needs of each individual and everyone walks away happy.

Christel is an Associate Legal Officer at the United Nations Dispute Tribunal and has been living in Kenya for 2 years now while Kimani is a Legal Officer at African Banking Corporation and both of them find going to caught and litigating more interesting than sitting in an office and doing routine legal stuff. However, they both like their jobs. Kimani sees himself running with it ten years from now and has no regrets choosing that path. Christel on the other hand has been in different careers and has is also a scholar currently undertaking an MBA having studied and worked previously as a teacher and also in the public sector. To her there are no limits to what one can achieve and if you decide to ride on a tiger, you got to ride it all the way. She emphasizes on the need to use one’s profession for the service of others, a statement which she repeated severally during the meeting. Kimani believes that you have to plan your life or else become dysfunctional whether you are a lawyer, matatu driver or whatever profession you are in. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? If you cant tell, then you cant tell where you will be in 5 years, 2 years, 1 month or even tomorrow. You got to plan!

Rotary Rotaract world over!

Well, that was a day well spent with the lawyers and everyone walked away happy! If you missed out on this auspicious occasion to chat with the lawyers, make sure you don’t miss out on the next big thing…. “A day in the life of 3 Journalists.” and they are big shots. Make a date with us. Details coming soon. Watch this space!


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