Africa Point & Tupande Pamoja Initiative Turn to Social Media to Plant 100,000 Trees on Mount Kenya

Africa Point and partners using social media to conserve Mount Kenya

Reaching the snow-capped summit is the ultimate joy of  every Mt. Kenya climber. However, those who love to scale the heights of Mt Kenya – the second highest mountain in Africa – have a reason to worry.

Thanks to global warming and climate change, glaciers on Mt Kenya are melting at an alarming rate and scientists predict they could be wiped out soon if urgent measures are not taken.

According to research compiled by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), seven of the 18 glaciers present atop Mount Kenya in 1900 had disappeared by 1986 and the remaining eleven glaciers had lost between 60% and 92% of their area. The report further added that the total area covered by glaciers was only 0.4 sq km in 2000 compared to 1.6 sq km in 1900 – representing a 75% loss since the turn of the century.

Aware of the impact of deforestation on the delicate ecosystem of Mt Kenya, Africa Point in partnership with Tupande Pamoja has launched an extensive social media campaign     targeting to create awareness and plant a 100,000 trees on Mt Kenya.

According to Africa Point managing director Mr Andrew Muigai, the use of social media networking sites is rapidly gaining acceptance as a part of internet marketing strategies in many businesses worldwide, and this can be replicated in the environmental conservation arena.

“Everywhere we turn, we see the constant reference to social media. It is (social media) a wonderful tool to spread information to many people, in a very short time. We have chosen social media networking sites because they enable us to share our ideas and concerns on a global platform and get immediate feedback from our audience.” Mr Muigai said.

Africa Point and partners will donate a seedling to the Tupande Pamoja Initiative for every social media mention (Tweet or Facebook Like) made in raising awareness about Mt Kenya conservation through the official campaign page:

Africa Point believes this tree planting campaign will in the long run help reverse the adverse effects of global warming on the snow caps of Mt Kenya and invites you participate by donating your seedling through a Facebook “Like” or Tweet at the official campaign page:


About Africa Point

Africa Point is a specialist travel agent, offering online booking for travel related services including hotels, tours, car rentals and flights to  through the company website: and also offline.

Africa Point is supported by a network of partner offices in the leading destinations in Africa, among them Cape Town (South Africa), Arusha, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Cairo (Egypt), Kampala (Uganda), Victoria (Seychelles), Harare (Zimbabwe) and Accra (Ghana). The company is a  member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).

About Tupande Pamoja Initiative

The Tupande Pamoja Initiative is a joint venture between the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the East Africa Wildlife Society, Kenya Forests Working Group, Nature Kenya  & Kenya Forest Service (KFS). It aims to rehabilitate Kenyan forests through promotion of responsible consumer behaviour.

For more information about the Africa Point Mt Kenya Tree Planting Social Media Campaign , one may contact Mr Gaita Wamucii at +254.20.2737133 or

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