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Well, as the Rotary Year 2010/2011 came to a close, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that indeed the year gone by was hugely successful. Gone was the year when then more than ever before, Rotaractors from different Rotaract Clubs came together to make it happen. It was the year we celebrated great friendships; it was the year great minds came together to forge a great friendship that will see Rotaractors move forth as one unified front ready to positively impact society and alleviate human suffering. Such were the big and great ideas of IPPs Michael Waiyaki of RCNC, Anne Muthuuri of Milimani, David Biama of Muthaiga and Eric Manon of Westlands. Yes, they did us proud and we shall endevor to ensure the good work they started in Rotaract shall be faithfully completed by those of us who now and in the future have been handed over the mantle of leadership to take Rotaract to the next level.

June and July, in deed, is the Rotaract festive season and for the party animals, the numerous Rotaract Installation Parties might have provided perhaps more than they could partake. Yes, this time round everything was grand – Bigger, Bolder and Better. There was every reason to celebrate the milestones made in the previous year and nothing could more befitting than sending off the Big Hearted IPPs in a bigger, bolder and better way.

Well, the festive season kicked off in characteristic Rotaract style with the fellows at the Rotaract Club of Nairobi East (RCNE), where the IPP Steve Odwesso decided to give his club members and other rotaractors and guests, a most memorable goodbye. Yes, it was the debut of the famous Finish Wife Carrying Race “Eukakanto” in Kenya! IPP Steve led an entourage of more than 30 Rotaractors and guests to Hippo Camp in Naivasha where among other things, a successful Wife Carrying race was held with the IPP leading the way by taking first place while his successor, Quentin Papu, came a close second! And to affirm their prowess on track and avert any doubts that they may have won the race because their partners were of far much lesser weight than the rest, a consensus was reached at that the men had to do a 100 meter dash to prove in deed they deserved to be title holders for the day. Well, if anyone had doubted Odwesso’s and Quentin’s prowess on track, then shame was surely on them! Well, here too, the IPP and his successor fell nothing short of their previous victories! The charged crowd and Eukakanto enthusiasts camped all night by a bonfire and early the following morning, a game drive and lakeside gathering at the camp saw the event come to a close at around 3.00 p.m.

And in traditional Muthaiga style, the Big Hearted IPP David Biama was send off at a “Gothic” themed night Party in the Wild at Emasho in Kiserian. This was one of those big Installations where the incoming President Willys Nyakeri and his board got the honor of being the first president to be installed by the District Rotaract Representative Rtr. Abraham Wachenje. The occassion was also graced by the presence of the Past District Rotaract Representative, Rtr. Malcom Twino all the way from Kampala and members of the Rotaract Club of Kampala the CORE who had come all the way to party in the wild. The morning after saw the party revelers sober up and participate in the various games and team building activities that had been lined up for the better part of Sunday. The 90s games did take most of us down memory lane.

The party animals were also treated to more Installations by Rotaract Clubs of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Central Business School and the Installation dinner by the Provisional Rotaract Club of Kenya Polytechnic University College (which has recently been christened The Rotaract Club of Central Bank). It was at this event that a record 7 Rotarians from the club’s mother club, Rotary Club of Hurlingham oversee the installation of president Kiliswa. Among guest speakers was Javas Arafat Bigambo who was invited by the Rotarians to join the Rotary International family and the college’s deputy principal who treated the guests present with a dance together with Rtr. Gideon Macharia.

To bring some sobriety and sanity into the festive season, the Rotaract Club of Milimani hosted over 120 Rotaractors at the Luther Plaza at its 5th annual LINK (Leaders in Kenya) Conference where among others, Derek Bbanga just killed it with his breathtaking presentation on soft skills. A well deserved break and perhaps an opportunity for the party animals to recharge and rejuvenate themselves before the second round of festivities kicked off.

And YES! RCNC did it again. Yes, 2 Coast buses ferried 145 Rotaractors to the Coast for a fun-filled Installation weekend at the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya hostels in Bamburi. Apart from the sumptuous coastal dishes on the menu and the kind and generous hospitality of the Rotaractors in Mombasa, the entourage was availed to a private beach where some chose to spend the entire trip in the ocean. It was at this installation that DRR Abraham Wachenje installed 4 presidents i.e. Huma Kaoga Kaseu (RCNC), Quentin Papu (RCNE), Margaret Pauni (RC Mombasa) and Dan Ondari of RC Westlands. Willy Nyakeri was here too and was reinstalled. For president Ondari, it was more of a pre-installation rather than an installation as his official installation together with President Ozem Muriuki of RC Milimani will mark the end of the festive season with a Sundowner Blast planned at Masinga on the weekend of 30th July. The Coast Installation saw some KES. 40,400.00 raised towards Marine Conservation at the Coast.


The Rotaract Club of Nairobi North throws its own baby shower as Rotaract KIMC is chattered and RC KPUC is promised a chatter in the coming year

Well, this festive season saw yet another addition to the Rotaract family. The Rotaract Club of Kenya Institute of Mass Communication was officially chattered and the Nairobi Rotaract family 1 club wealthier! The Nairobi Rotaract family also witnessed the birth of a new club. The provisional Rotaract Club of Nairobi North threw a baby shower the Fontane in Nairobi. This club mainly comprises of former members of the Rotaract Club of University of Nairobi and are keen on remaining Rotaractors even after campus. Rotarian Evans Obuya, president of the Rotary Club of Nairobi North was the chief guest and promised to ensure that the chattering process runs smoothly and faster. The provisional Rotaract Club of Kenya Polytechnic University College was also promised by their mother club, Rotary Club of Hurlingham that their chattering into a full Rotaract club was in the offing this year.


RCNC welcomes new members into the club

Is it true that when people join RCNC they become more handsome and others become more alive? Well, time will tell but I think one Gideon Macharia and Crystal Kaigai looked radiant after they became the newest members of the club together with Yasmin and Anne Wangeci. We welcome the to the rotaract family.

Well, the festive season did come to an end and big plans are underway for a great Rotary year 2011/2012 ahead. The year ahead is set to be bigger, bolder and better. Don’t miss on any of the action especially the District Conference and Assembly coming to Kenya in April 2012.

24th D9200 District Rotaract Conference and Assembly


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