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Catholic University of Eastern Africa carries the day at the Joint Rotaract Clubs Quiz Night

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Still waters definitely do run deep and The Rotaract Club of Catholic University of Eastern Africa couldn’t have proven it any better! The rather quiet team of five went about its business in the true spirit of rotary/rotaract – as a team – and the judges fell in love with them and its no wonder they scooped, other than being the Winners and this year’s title holders of Rotaract’s finest mind, 3 out of the other 5 titles that were up for grabs. The team bagged the Best Team Synergy Award, shared the Best Team Costume Award with The Rotaract Club of Milimani and of course produced the Judges’ Choice Personality of the Night who is one very witty Peter Njathi who the judges needed not to be told that he was the team captain.

Peter Njathi: Personality of the Night (CUEA)

If there was an award for the Most Disciplined Team, they would have definitely bagged that one too because they followed the moderator’s rules of engagement to the letter. Despite their being the furthest from the moderator, they managed to answer most of the questions within the time limit and it is surprising that within those 6 or so seconds before they could answer, they managed to consult with each other and they answered some questions the crowd found very impossible and everyone was amazed. Catholic University deserved to carry away the night! Kudos Peter Njathi and team.

And now we know where K’Ogalo and Tinga get their fan base! Rotaract Club of Milimani killed it. The costume, the product of very creative minds. If I am the judge next time and they where the same costume again, al just give them! The highly charged and energized Rotaract Club of Milimani made a grant entrance and they were here to have a good time. The uniforms were just grand, the heckling unmatched and the numbers numerous second University of Nairobi which was also well represented. The club members spread out in the room and and everywhere the camera turned there was the characteristic orange element. I particularly loved the windscreens, reminds me of MacMende! Those uniforms were just on top! Lets do it again next time round. Well, if there was an award for an all rounded team, then Milimani would carry the night. Best hecklers, best team costume, the numbers and not to mention they know how to both work and play. I must leak this one out – the Milimani team actually met on several occasions before the d-day to just prepare. It is indeed admirable! They went through to the final round and emerged 1st Runners Up! Kudos to you all for bringing life into the event – the color plus the heckling and need we say the Moderator IPP Cedric Kaane also represented Milimani very well. The Questions – no one would have thought – whatever!

Best Team Uniform: Now we all know where K'Ogalo and Tinga get their fan base!

Rotaract Club of University of Nairobi – brought in the numbers and decided to gamble! UoN A and UoN B! Nice team strategy. You definitely have your mind set on something and division of labour is the best way to go when you dont want to risk your chances. Kudos for being the 2nd Runners UP! Keep running and see if you can catch up with your brothers from CUEA or maybe next year just like Jomo Kenyatta and KU, merge your teams and then split them into three and you could end up being number 1, 2 and 3! You added another element to the night!

Ahooooo! Muthaiga. You should definitely enter the Guinness Book of World Records for Composing the shortest song ever – Muthaiga?!!!!! Aho! Oh what a night. This guys led by their ever jovial President David Biama, had fun and the judges couldn’t agree more. Kudos for getting through to the final round and for having fun all the way! David Biama – You should write a book on how you manage to keep the joy even with the work load that comes with the presidency and how some people (lets not mention names) seem to be so worn out and drained as presidents. You just seem like you are starting out. Will you consider running for the presidency again sometime? But I understand, a visit to your club and the life that is there is evident of a happy people. Either your joyous spirit is contagious or the club members are great fellows who make life for the president so much easier or it could go both ways. I honestly do love your spirit Muthaiga! Muthaiga?! Ahoooooooo!

President to President: David Biama and Eric Manon

Rotaract Club of Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Rotaract Club of Milimani, Rotaract Club of University of Nairobi Team A and Team B, Rotaract Club of Muthaiga, Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central, Rotaract Club of Nairobi East and Rotaract Club of Kenya Polytechnic University College, Rotaract Club of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculute and Technology, Rotaract Club of KU and Rotaract Club of Westlands, you indeed made it a Joint Rotaract Gathering! There is in deed a lot we have learnt from each other and are yet to learn with more upcoming joint events. We are in deed One Rotaract Family.

Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central were of course the hosts and what a great show of solidarity and commitment. The hosts started arriving as early as 4.30 p.m with Norman Kuria as is expected being the first and most punctual. At least he has not yet caught the club’s disease and he might change the rest of us. From the MCs to the Time Keepers, score keepers, SAA, the girls with the flowers and raffle tickets, to the ushers and the little girl in school uniform and a feeding bottle handling the registration of guests, there was coordination and despite the program starting a bit late, the MCs Victor Nyadimo and Carol Njihia made sure we finished just 11 minutes late. Kudos team. Despite not getting to the final round, the team had very interesting characters and costumes to that effect. Think of one little girl in her school uniform and suckling her feeding bottle instead of answering the questions, then there was the high school geek who just stared at the moderator after drinking all the water in the room; then there was the other high school kid who seemed to want to appeal to the judges even before the moderator with the hard questions asked the team question; but at least there was the sane one of them all who managed to challenge the moderator’s brilliance and saved the team from an early exit. Interesting combination it was.

Its hard being a kid in a grown ups' competition.

The team

Miss MC

Mr. MC

And what great support and show of solidarity from mother club. We did not feel destitute and abandoned. Mother Club, Rotary Club of NAirobi was well represented and stayed with us to the very end. Past District Governor Mohamed Abdulla, Rotarian Susan Murabana, Rotarian Anne VanLowe, and Rotarian Kevin Mududa were all there to represent mother club. Thank you.

Our chief guests, friends and rotarians also present were long serving Rotaractor Faith Kinuthia (Rotaract UoN, Rotaract Westlands, outgoing ADRR and looking forward to joining RCC); Rotarian Simba Chikarango; Mr. David Njihia (from Rotary Club of Laico Regency as he puts it); and Victoria Kaigai also graced the occassion with their presence which is highly appreciated. It was indeed a great honor to have all these great individuals in our midst. It was in deed a great night and it is the beginning of greater things to come. As advised by incoming RCNC President, we are getting out of our cocoons and embracing the spirit of 1 Rotaract Family United by the Spirit of Rotary.

Mr. President

Mr. President Elect 2011/2012

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