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CHANGE OF GUARD: The Hand Over, Come meet your new board 2011/2012

Time and again, I have heard women and preachers complain of how the male species is not spiritual and only a small fraction of them attend church services and religious ceremonies. Well, I have come up with my own theory. Most churches and places of worship are run by men and going by the natural laws of forces of attraction and repulsion, its only natural that the religious patriarchs have a huge following of women. This same reason also makes me think that the reason why the womenfolk have time and again been denied a chance to serve at the altar is because they will attract a huge following of the menfolk and as we all know, its a man’s world and men naturally love women and so having a huge flock dominated by males would not go down well with the male priest serving alongside the newly ordained priestess. Having too many men inhibits dominance and brings in the competition factor for the few women now in the congregation. Priestesses will definitely prove the fact that women are not more spiritual than men. Its just the laws of attraction and repulsion in play.
I wonder how many of us are already acquainted with the new board members. Well, it has come to my knowledge that women will this time dominate and its good for the club. I foresee a year where we will have more male inductees than ever before. Let me not speak for the men but just to let you know that 5 brilliant and indeed very beautiful women will be serving together with just 3 gentlemen on the new board. Yes, the Ren Sylvia Mutua will be taking over from Gatei Waweru as the Community Service Director; Shiko Mbogo will be taking over the vacuumed International Service docket; Lucy Wanjau will also be filling the vacuum at the Club Service docket; Lucy Mwangi takes over from Lucy Wanjau as the club secretary; and Caroline Njihia takes over from Irinah Wandera as the Professional Development Committee Director. There is no doubt in my mind these very powerful women are up to task and have what it takes to take RCNC to a whole new level in the coming year. The gentlemen of course are the very able Huma Kaoga Kaseu who takes over from Michael Waiyaki Ng’ang’a as the Club President; Victor Otieno Nyadimo will be the VP and takes over from the brilliant Wangari Mwaniki. Norman Kuria will be collecting your taxes and club dues as the Club Treasurer, a position previously held by the incoming VP.
The year has finally come to an end and we have every reason to celebrate. We have done it all, the good, the bad, the ugly and thats what its all about: service, friendship and fellowship through the triumphs and the pitfalls. We made it happen.Rtr. Huma Kaoga Kaseu and his new board invites each and everyone of us: members, guests and friends of Rotaract to this auspicious occasion where IPP MIchael Waiyaki Ng’ang’a will be handing over to the new board. Your support in the past year has been enormous and things can only get better. We need the same support to make the coming year even better.Come meet your new board for the coming year and also know what is in store for you as we begin the new year. President Huma will be presenting his year plan and its your chance to let us know how and where you will help out. We hope that we can all make it and begin the year together as RCNC, guests of RCNC and friends of Rotaract.

To the outgoing team, we say Ahsante Michael Waiyaki, Wangari Mwaniki, Lucy Wanjau, Otieno Nyadimo, Gatei Waweru and Irinah Wandera.
To the incoming team, we say Kazi Iendelee Huma Kaoga Kaseu, Otieno Nyadimo, Lucy Wanjau, Sylvia Mutua, Norman Kuria, Caroline Njihia and Grace Shiko Mbogo.
To the club members, fellow rotaractors, rotarians, guests and friends of rotaract, your support every step of the way is what keeps the spirit of Rotary Alive. We count on you once again this coming year.
“Reach Within, to Embrace Humanity.”

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