DC – My view from the hills!

First of all – if you’ve never been to Kampala; take it from me, a short break in this city should be on everyones bucket list.

Let me get the not so great news out of the way first by warning you – Be very careful when you chose which bus you decide to travel with because it could make the difference between a direct and comfortable journey or changing buses 3 times, standing all the way to Uthiru and sitting next to a broken window taped with plastic paper. What I mean is – avoid Kampala Coach by all means!!!

I was one of the people not actually attending the conference so was only there for the weekend but that did not stop us from attending whatever events were left. Thanks Amos, Shiko, Victor & Nico for holding it down for us. I am extremely proud that we finally won an overdue award for our community service efforts.

This trip was surely a test to my clubbing tenacity. We were out all nights from the day we landed. The Ugandans were kind enough to show us how its done; from flushing smirnnoff ice to breathing in shots like its the last of  oxygen left on earth. Lets just say they have set the bar very high for subsequent DCs. And not just in the fun part but they are also VERY WONDERFUL hosts.

Other than  that – food and accomodation is extrmely affordable and of good quality as is the shopping to do. So much so that I intend to return soon, so anyone feeling left out…..come see me, we have plans to make!


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