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20 or so years from now, our children and their children will visit Mugumo-ini in Kijabe and they might decide to take a walk through the nearby forest and thanks to the Rotaract Clubs of Nairobi Central, Nairobi East, Milimani, Muthaiga, Westlands, Thika Technical Training Institute, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, University of Nairobi, their wishes will be granted because that forest they will walk in is just two days old and will be as huge and majestic as the pine forest planted 20 or so years ago that is what marked the last activity before the energetic team of rotaractors, their friends and guests departed for Nairobi. Thank you to those who years past thought about us and made our 2 and a half hours walk through the forest a reality. Thank you to Rotaractors and friends for giving the next generation an opportunity to do the same in years to come. 2000 trees were planted!

The upbeat forest trekkers from time to time took a break off the footpath and just enjoyed the cool shades of the forest canopies and Rotaractor cum poet MK was very much willing and ready to keep them entertained and recited his rhymes including “We shall overcome”, “The African Woman”, “Dead Man’s Voice”, “Mututho” for the lovers of the brown bottle etc. We shall overcome seemed the most popular and the phrase was picked up by members and was used from time to time whenever the energy started draining out and the long walk seemed unbearable.

We are in deed grateful to those who planted the forest just as our children will one day be grateful for the forest that turns 2 days today! Kudos Rotaractors!

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