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LINK – Leaders in Kenya “conference” is organized annually by the Rotaract Club of Milimani where rotaracters get a chance to interact with successful business people in the country to learn and share their knowledge and experience.
This years theme was -Executing Smartly: Insights from the successes of modern day leaders.

Dan Awendo, CEO of Investeq Ltd whose company came 23rd in the 100 top SMEs in 2010 spoke about making other people’s money work for you.
Whether its loans, credit, sub-contracting, venture capitalism or investing through private equity; there are certain fundamentals that make you the chosen one.
1. Leadership – Integrity, responsibility and being proactive are traits that are a must to create trust in anyone.
2. A solid business plan clearly explaining you mission, vision and strategies to maintian good cashflows and shows that you understand the value proposition you are offering.
3. Partnering with others with a successful track record gives you more credibility.
4. Share your risk
5. Legal Issues – Make agreements for confedentiality and to secure intelectual property.
6. God owns; we manage – Putting God fisrt is a sure way to gain unprecedented favor.

Lawrence Gikaru, MD of Apex Communications whose company came 6th in the 100 top SMEs in 2010 spoke about networking and gave the following points to consider:
1. Be interested
2. Do your research
3. Don’t burn your bridges
4. Don’t just make promises – PERFORM
5. Partnership – If you want to go fast, walk alone; if you want to go far, walk with others .
6. Live your passion

Derek Bbanga of Public Image showed us how other people see you is key to getting ahead in this extremely competitive world that we live in.
According to research, people are judged 58% on how they dress/body language, 38% on how your voice sounds and 7% on what you actually say.
Soft skills are thus tops to making a great first impression and as he put it – is the art of social seduction!
We must learn to sell ourselves first before we sell anything because it will tilt the scales in a positive way and stay in control of the situation.
The ABCs of personal branding:
– Authenticity & assessment
– Beliefs & boldness
– Consistency & reliability
So, make sure you dress appropriately for each occassion, carry your chin parallel to the ground, give a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and ofcourse… don’t forget to SMILE!


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