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Well, the month of May finally comes to an end but for RCNC, we must celebrate the events and activites of the month going by. In deed, it has been one celebration after the other and of course a month of fellowship, friendship, outreach and professional development.

May is the month that saw the club receive 2 very valuable additions to the RCNC family; the club was still in a celebratory mood after scooping the Community Service Award at the just concluded 86th District Conference and Assembly in Kampala; the Professional Development and Community Service Committees decided to put work aside and reward with a well deserved break and went out to hang and bowl at the Village Market; the incoming president and his team of directors joined other Rotaract Officers at the Rowaland Camp for a 2-day intensive Rotaract Officers Training Seminar; the greening Kenya campaign saw the club take up a new initiative in collaboration with Africa Point; inter-club fellowship was not without representation and preparation for next month’s events kicked off on a high note with the Incoming President taking a trip down to the Coast to start preparation for the upcoming Rotaract DRR and Presidents Installation bash. Of course, the club assemblies had guest and resident speakers who gave the members insights on social media and the Saving Mt. Kenya Initiative.

Yes, we have a lot to celebrate.


This month, the RCNC and in deed the entire Rotaract Fraternity is 2 members larger. May saw long serving and dedicated RCNC guests join the Rotaract Family. As a sign of things to come, the incoming president Huma Kaoga Kaseu did it differently. Yes, there was a lot of paper work and procedures. Some might call it bureaucracy but we are calling it Professionalism. And that is the past, presence and future of Rotaract. Its only that we sometimes forget but we plan not to henceforth. The inductees went through a rigorous induction process which included among many things attending club meetings and community service activities as well as club fellowships. The inductees, after 5 months of guesthood in the club attended a pre-induction meeting where the club president, incoming president and directors were present and clearly pointed out to them what their roles and responsibilities were in Rotaract and what was expected of them.

Caroline Kanini and Nickson were officially inducted to the club on 24th May 2011 in the presence of club members and guests chief among them Incoming Rotary Club of Nairobi President, Rotarian Salome Gitoho. The Incoming Club President read to them their Induction Statements, very well articulated and they had to sign these statements. They were then officially presented to the club by the outgoing president Michael Waiyaki who introduced them to the club and after the induction documents were cleared, the new members were welcomed to the club by members of good standing Victor Otieno Nyadimo and Wangari Mwaniki. They were adorned with their new lapel pins which I must remind them is not a decor but a symbol of trust, honesty, integrity and goodwill of the bearers and thus they must uphold these virtues which are the most important aspects of Rotary/Rotaract. The inductees were assigned mentors i.e. Rotaractors Lucy Wanjau and Nicholas Muthimi Njeru. The two are to help the new members get acquainted to Rotaract and show them around.

Yes, we are keen on recruiting and retaining quality Rotaractors and Carol and Nick are first among many who shall be undergoing a rigorous recruitment process that will ensure we have the best of the best that will contribute to the development and continuity of RCNC and Rotaract at large.

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Well, we are indeed thankful to God for the strides we have made in the past year and we are humbled that we were recognized at the just concluded D9200 District Conference and Assembly in Munyonyo, Uganda where the Mai Mahiu IDP joint Rotaract Clubs Housing Project was awarded the Community Service Award. The project was a joint project that saw Rotaractors get together and raise over KES. 70,000.00 towards the building of an IDP House at Mai Mahiu. This was made possible through collaboration with Habitat for Humanity which has been building houses for the Internally Displaced Kenyans as a result of the 2007/2008 Post Election Violence. The target was for the clubs to build at least 2 units each costing 200,000/= and the receiving of the award has challenged us to continue working on the campaign to raise more funds and beat our target. Other than raising funds, Rotaractors also went down to Mai Mahiu on two occasions where they participated in the actual ground breaking and laying of foundations for the two houses. Many thanks to the team at Habitat for Humanity for the noble initiative as well as letting us be part of it. Given support and encouragement, Rotaractors are capable of doing even greater things for their respective communities. We congratulate each and every individual rotaractor and clubs that were at the forefront in this project and we hope we shall be able to reach our target.

The presentation of the banner saw Incoming mother club (Rotary Club of Nairobi) president, Rotarian Salome Gitoho chat the way forward for our relationship with mother club and now the mentorship program is back! Rotarian Sally is doing it differently. Apart from attending our club assemblies from time to time and having informal mentorship sessions with members after meetings, she is encouraging rotaractors to make an effort of ensuring they attend at least 2 Rotary Home fellowships in the coming year. This coming certainly marks the beginning of better and improved relations with mother club and we shall take every opportunity to corporate and participate in each others activities.


As the Rotaray 2010/2011 year draws to a close, the incoming presidents, their directors, Assistant District Rotaract Representatives, the country chair and the D9200 District Rotaract Representative gathered together for a rigorous 2-day training exercise which was convened at the Rowaland Camp in Nairobi. The exercise attracted Rotaract Officers from the whole country. Among key note speakers were incoming Rotary Young Leadership Awards (RYLA) D9200 chair, Rotarian Patrick Obath; Past District Rotaract Representative, Rotarian Lawi Sultan; outgoing Assistant District Rotaract Representative, Rotaractor Faith Kinuthia; Outgoing Rotaract Club of Milimani President and Incoming Country Chair, Rotaractor Anne Muthuuri; and Outgoing Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central President and Incoming District Conference Chair, Rotaractor Michael Waiyaki. The speakers shared their experiences in Rotaract and Rotary and let the incoming officers know what their roles and responsibilities were in the coming year.

Other than the training and key note addresses from the speakers, the participants got time to fellowship over meals and games. I must say the event was well coordinated and we are definitely looking forward to a great year ahead with renewed aspirations and energies to take Rotaract to the next level of Professionalism and Service. We wish the incoming officers the very best in their various clubs. The support of club members is highly encouraged.


Other highlights of the month included 2 club assemblies where we had a guest Rotaractor from the Rotaract Club of Westlands, Michael Bullut, give the members and guests at the meeting hands on experience and 101 on blogging. The club president on the other hand did the theory of it all in social media and networking. The other club assembly saw the Product Development Manager at Africa Point officially launch the Saving Mt. Kenya Initiative to the club. The club will be working in collaboration with the company to raise awareness on Mt. Kenya Conservation Initiatives through the social platform. The past three years have seen RCNC actively participate in greening Kenya tree planting initiatives and this would be another project that the club will take on board.

Club members also represented the club in other Rotaract Clubs Fellowships including visits to the Rotaract Club of Muthaiga, the Rotaract Club of Milimani, the Rotaract Club of Nairobi East among others.

The Community Service and Professional Development also decided to cool off in May and just play after a year of hard-work and outstanding service to the club. The Village Market was their destination and here, the Rotaract Spirit lived on. 3 of the club members had learnt of a Rotary football tournament in support of Cancer Research and before Bowling, they decided to go and cheer on the Rotaract Clubs that were present at the tournament including the Rotaract Club of Muthaiga, the Rotaract Club of Westlands, the Rotaract Club of Kenya Polytechnic and the Rotaract Club of Langata. The Bowling afternoon went down well with the Rotaract Club of Westlands which was also having their own breather at the same venue. Of course the bowling champ must be given her honors, none other than the Incoming Professional Development Director, Carolynne Njihia aka Kairetu ka Njihia, kudos. Definitely doing it professionally!!!

Some of the club members also attended the annual Rotaract Club of Milimani Extreme Summer Aqua Sports that went down at Sagana White Waters. The Rotaract Spirit lives on.

That was a good month well spent and preparations for the events of next month are underway.

The incoming president just a few days ago travelled down the Coast where he went for a pre-visit in preparation for the upcoming DRR and Presidents Installation Party. Preparations are in high gear and an action parked weekend down at the Coast awaits participants in July. Definitely a great and warm get-away from the chill of Nairobi in July.

Plans and preparations for the 2012 District Conference and Assembly took off under the very able leadership of incoming DCA chair Michael Waiyaki and we definitely hope we will give our guests the treat of their lives: A wonderful Rotaract and Kenyan experience.

Other upcoming events include:

  • Rotaract Club of Nairobi East “Wife Carrying” fundraiser and weekend get-away in the Athi Kapiti plains on 4th and 5th June 2011, charges are 2,500/= per head.
  • Rotaract Club of Milimani Annual Leaders in Kenya (LINK) Conference on the 18th of June 2011. Charges are 750/= per head.
  • Rotaract Club of Muthaiga Installation Bash on 2nd and 3rd July in Kiserian. Charges are 2,000/= per head.
The Spirit of Rotaract Lives on! Have an eventful and successful June 2011 ahead!

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