By Caroline Njihia, In coming Professional Development Director.

19th March, 2010. The day began on a very unpromising note. It was raining furiously n the cold literally kept  most rotaractors in their beds almost forfeiting the much planned trip. Members trooped slowly to the “usual spot” at homepark restaurant, and they  later converge to take breakfast as they were waiting for the rest of the sleepy heads.  As they say Better late than never, rotaractors found their way to the bus terminus before starting the journey to Naivasha, Nairobi’s premier play ground and the rotaractors were planning to play hard!

As soon as the party arrived in Naivasha, shopping was done for snacks which came in handy during the trip. The campers set up at crayfish camp and for some, it was a novel experience as evidenced by the photos attached. As soon as the tents were set up, there was pot luck lunch where members communally shared the various treats in the spirit of “swallowship”.

It was soon time to go to Lake Oloidien, Naivasha where a scenic view was awaiting us.  This is a saline lake that has cut off from Lake Naivasha .The lake holds flocks of both lesser and greater flamingos. The lake was at an area  called Kongoni which took the team 20 minutes to get there. The journey allowed the team to view the many flower farms in Naivasha. What met us at the Lake should actually be included as the eigth wonder of the world! Seriously!  The scenery was awesome with great mountains as the backdrop. The detached lake was gleaming in the sun and the majestic flamingoes did not disappoint. The thousands of birds (And I am not exaggerating) were a sign to behold.  Rotaractors engaged in photo sessions with the awesome scenery. Some of the poses strutted required great agility and level of fitness which some people (names withheld) have not mastered.

It was also a time for the team to indulge in a little mischief and some daring rotaractors had  to take photos in a restricted area with the “no trespassing” sign. The lakeside experience cannot be summarized without the case of “baby baby”. In the true rotaract spirit of outreach and the pursuit for increased membership, the team engaged with a happy go luck crowd that had also come to visit the lake. Rotaractors lost no time in accepting the free flowing drinks and the hospitality that was showered on them. Ladies all quickly adapted to the nickname “baby” which the guys from the crowd bestowed on the beautiful, gorgeous, exquisite ladies of RCNC. (Kindly note the many adjectives!)

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The rain soon broke up the party and rotaractors had to find their way to “Kwa Muhia” where they would be taking their supper. That is when the debacle of the rogue transportation began. There we were,in the rain, cold ,hungry  and all hunched up in a local shop..All we needed was a quick getaway that would deliver us to “kwa muhia” where we believed a hot meal would solve all these problems. It definitely wasn’t so easy………  Allow me to vent, please. Matatu operators and car owners in Naivasha must be the  worst  and the greediest in the country. After waiting for the transport for 4 hours (remember  it is in the rain), we were subjected to haggling and negotiations before opting  for another option which involved transporting all 11 of us in a five seater.

After the  grueling journey to “ kwa muhia” which has the reputation of having the best chicken in Kenya (that’s according to some very biased insiders) we were all looking forward to having something hot. Rotaractors delved into the food as soon as it was laid on the table. Gone were the stories and jokes, and to replace them were smacking sounds of people enjoying a great meal.

The team made their way to crayfish camp for the night. And for some,  the highlight of the Naivasha experience was just beginning. Rotaractors made their way to the notorious Greenhouse where warmth needed for the night was to be generated.  The team had an incredible time dancing the cold away. It was also a night full of suprises when  some rotaractors who we all thought had two left feet (names again withheld for security purposes) danced  almost professionally at the  greenhouse.  One after the other rotaractors dropped into their tents to catch some sleep before the next day of fun and events .

Sunday morning was spent in relaxation mode. Rotaractors made their way to the lake but were a bit disappointed since they couldn’t access a good view of the lake due to the water hyacinth. At this point I also have   to introduce “captain meanie”. This is the boat owner who cleverly had a tag with the inscription “captain” and was not willing to negotiate with the campers on the boat charges. In short what he was charging was akin to robbery.

It was soon time to depart from crayfish camp. Some campers opted to go to Nairobi and others were bent on extending the Naivasha stay. The “extenders” as we shall now call this bunch, had an eventful journey to the KCC quarters where Irinah(the gracious organizer) had arranged for the rotaractors to have lunch at her aunts place. What awaited the “extenders” was nothing short of a feast. (Check out the photos). The rotaractors indulged in delicacies of which the highlight was the imported duck meat, key word-imported! From Chirey Valley, London! For those who have never tasted IMPORTED duck meat…… u clearly have not tasted fine meat!  A big thank you to Irinah’s aunt and the family for hosting us.

It was finally time to say goodbye to Naivasha. We had an amazing time and the team that participated in this event made it all the more special! You guys, rocked! Looking forward to the next professional service event, KIJABE- LET THE DEBAUCHERY CONTINUE!!!!!!

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