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Of Party, Fire, Ugali, Cold and Kijabe!!!! Huma Kaoga Kaseu tells his side of the story.

If anyone was to ambia me to buy an 1/8 of an acre for my purposes in Kijabe, green as it is my answer would be an equivocal NO WAY!!! The same answer will stand even if it were a gift. Reason? It crazy cold there…the weather is no fan of my health let alone my spirits. However if the suggestion made in that persons pronouncement was to have over 140 Rotaractors around a bonfire in Kijabe on a Saturday night I would say YES YES YES!! Any day YES. This is why; Over adrenalized UoN students, Crazy Presidents (Past, Elects and Nominees), the chill that draws everyone’s attention to everyone else, good/bad ugali, excellent car boot music and those smoked things….hehe. Xo yes anyday YES!
The day off course begins with a journey to the destination for most of the campers but not the organizers. Them it has been late nights for the past 4 weeks and on this particular day I know of one who had to beba three mboriz dripping of blood from some far away market called Kiamiko to the purported rendezvous place for the onset of the journey. No worries he was later to reap benefits for his troubles . … Xo anyway the whole ordeal starts late since we had to ngojea a few Kenyans who have no regard to time, but that we understand. The javs were boarded and the first bunch left for Tree planting while the other bunch were visiting KNH children’s Cancer ward.
The real party arrived at 1730hrs and if anyone was a keen observer they would notice that the psyke attended with wasn’t gifted by a mere 40 minutes bus ride. So here is what happened during the journey there were a collusion of minds that sawa a few bottles of clear liquid being gorged down the passengers and the notorious conductor. The steam interested the partakers to engage in a rather exciting conversation which resulted in parties cutting deals of who was to kill the cold with whom e.t.c
Xo we arrived and safely too( Thank heavens!!). first sight was the bar for most eyes…then the set up for tents and where maybe the night was going to be spent…then eventually with whom a process that took the whole stay there to figure out for some blokes. Not to worry, better luck next time or should I sema try better your game.
The weather had just started issuing signs of its intention and the chill was on…this never got any better, at some point I remember some drops of what sounded like rain fell on the roof of my nights abode. Yeah, I can’t be sure, I wasn’t outside that time but still could hear solicitors of warmth gifted by the opposite sex do their bidding…haha. How funny. To quote one of the memorable conversations (read ‘begs’)in hushed toned;
Boy, “hapa ni sawa. Hakuna mtu atatuona”
Gal, “hapana, hapa ni karibu na choo na watu watapita….alafu watu wanalala qwa tent wanatuskia…”
Boy, “Hakuna mtu anakam hivi sai kunanyesha…watu wako qwa tent washalala, babie please kidogo tu”
Gal, “sawa basi…” some silence a low moans follow then suddenly, “ wai!!!! Toa mkono…nibaridi , baridi sana…nkt!!! Nimeeenda.”
Boy, “Aaaaaauuuuuughrrrrrrrr.”

Surely the cold must bite…..
The food was ready at some point in the night. The stew was delicious same for the Nyama Choma and the rice to wasn’t mbaya at ol. Yet some palates have since complained about the ugali. I know nothing about that. Hehehehehehehehehe…….

So morning eventually came and the frustrated left in a huff. The better campers remained to see to the end of affairs and Boy, did it not just rock. Kudos to RCNE and especially President Odueso and QP. What do you know of the phrase “ Vijana wengine asubui asubui pombe, asubui asubui bangi!!!!” We cant sahau Bwana Oscar of Westlands for the music. Then there was soup and meat for breakfast and the kawaida chai….and more clear and brown liquid amidst dance and endless chuckles and heckles.
Finally the party got called to leave for Nairobi but not without taking the longest walk in the forest ever and eating random things for lunch. I would do it all over again!!!!!! In fact see you in Mombasa 8th July 2011.

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