Of Princesses, Chinese Rice and 3 am Cake-fest: Home Hospitality at Teresa’s

Fancy some Chinese rice? Then Elizabeth Wagachire, the Assistant Club Service Director for the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central is your to-go girl. Because she makes one heck of a platter!

That was during the home hospitality, sleep over and induction party held at the palace of our club guest, Teresa. It’s a palace, because to us she is not merely Teresa but Princess Ndun’go.

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With a recipe of Chinese rice, beef stew, chapatti, steamed cabbage, vegetables and kachumbari for the main course; viazi karai, bhajia and a mouth-watering cake serving as the biting and dessert, after snacking on popcorns, an array of fruits, sweet potatoes and filling arrow roots, and to wash it all down with personalized BYOB’s, the home hospitality was guaranteed to be a hit!

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The royal servants streamed in as early as 11 am, with a delegation party of pre-home hospitality organizers led by Princess Ndungo, the Queen mother: Eva Nyawira, the debutante: Elizabeth Wagachire and the royal jester: Jamal Harsam.

It turns out auditors are excellent at keeping time. The big four owe Rosemary a proper one for that conviction. Also, Evans Kimosop chops vegetables the same way video vixens chop P Square’s money; solidly well. Lydia Moraa steals my heart every time she makes the dough and the rolls for the chapati, while Joy brings exactly that when she turns them into brown, yummy pantries. Needless to say, we have guests that make the club proud in the kitchen department. And a happy tummy is half the way through to a happy Rotaractor.

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The music was pumping. The royal jester made sure it wasn’t just music, but “ziki la nazi” – music for the soul, enwrapped in coconut milk niceness.

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By the afternoon, the cavalry was streaming in by the impressive dozen. From visiting Rotaractors, first time guests, to seasoned members. The bhajia and viazi karai corner had everyone flocking like vultures on a fresh carcass, and did the royal jester enjoy the attention or what! The mood in the kitchen was a happy, infectiously busy frenzy, and it was delicious to the last murmur.

Then it was time to dine. Food galore!

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Introductions are important in any group setting, especially with new faces around. Needless to say, one thing that became evident at the dining and the sleepover round table that followed next is this: fill a Rotaractor well with great food, give them an easy, laid back atmosphere filled with friendly chatter and they will open up!


The games we played, the truth we inquired and the dare we dared made for an electrifying night! Add to the mix someone vying for an elected office (MCA much!), and you have quite the concoction! The only thing that stole the evening was the 4 am icing on the cake. Literally.

Our debutante also happens to be crafted with the art of cake-making. Nice one, Ms. Chinese Rice

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Then came the hazing routine for the new inductees. It is an RCNC tradition to have new members dance for the club, and dance they did! We made them form a mduara (circle dance) and sway like the coconut trees do with a Coastal breeze. Ziki la Nazi, remember.

If the dancing did not tire the crowd, a consecutive game of 2 truths and 1 lie surely did. Soon, the sitting room was filled with dozing slurs as the crisp early morning sunlight pierced through the windows.

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Everyone was at the pleasure of leaving at their own time, serving themselves from the morning snacks of fresh eggs, bread and butter to spare, cups of tea and coffee to gulp and fruits to sweeten the Sunday morning. A royal few spent the chatty, lazy afternoon munching on fried chicken and plentiful servings of hot gossip. Yum!

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We will remember the Royal home hospitality for quite a while, that’s for sure.

The Royal Jester for the day,
Jamal Harsam
Club Service Director (2016-2017).

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