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The Olerai Community Wildlife Conservancy played host to the RCNC new year’s installation party. Set in Kajiado County, 20km west of the Nairobi National Park, the ecolodge provided a luscious & serene savannah landscape for our Maasai inspired induction ceremony as well as the launch of our online cultural project – TRIBE 360.

No event is devoid of its unexpected adventures as it was with one of the buses that was unable to cross the rocky riverbed 2km from the camping site forcing some to foot the rest of the journey uphill. Thank God for the fresh air, wonderful weather & inspiring scenery 🙂

The installation was kicked off by lunch followed by a host of exhilarating activities which included dance demonstrations from Poland, South Africa & Maasai Warriors as well as spear throwing.

The new board was inducted against a twilight sky and set off into their first activity for the year – led by the President, Irinah Wandera – which was launching of our online cultural program – TRIBE 360. Imagine a clear dark sky with an omnious full orange moon beaming onto the lighted candles on the ground spelling out the words TRIBE 360. Definitely an image of the awesomeness that is RCNC.

Members and guests then had dinner and enjoyed a bonfire with fantastic disco lit music to the wee hours of the morning. Despite the long and eventful night, we still manged to take a nature trail on Sunday morning after breakfast. The installation was then closed ceremoniously by issuing certificates to clubs participating in the TRIBE 360 project and shooting of a video cameo for the project.

About Tribe 360
From the meat eating ceremony by the Maasai in Kenya to the Reed Dance is Swaziland and the trooping of colors in England unto a myriad of cultural indulgences across the globe; TRIBE 360 is an international online cultural exchange program facilitated by the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central.

TRIBE 360 intends to engage young people online around the world to celebrate their cultural heritage, promote peace and understanding as well generate a wealth of knowledge – a cultural hub –  accessible to all.

Participation is open to Rotaractors, Rotarians & the general public in these ways:

  1. Original works – We will receive original entries in the form of art, music, photos, videos, essays & blog posts about your participation in cultural activities e.g. festivals
  2. Organizing a cultural activity and submitting reports with photos.
  3. Researched works – Daily updates on our blog & facebook fan page of various internet & literary works on various cultures. References & links must be provided and all photos must be credited to the owners.

Entries should be submitted via email to president.rcnc@gmail.com

Join us on:
Facebook –   http://www.facebook.com/groups/The Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central
Twitter –       @RCNC_ROTARACT
Wordpress – rcnckenya.wordpress.com

Peace through Service.


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