RCNC at 40: Service At Its Best

“RCNC at 40: Service at its Best”

By; Jamal Harsam


They say life begins at forty, and what an incredible 40 years of service it has been for the second oldest Rotaract Club in Kenya, the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central!

To mark this distinguished achievement, the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central  (fondly RCNC) held the installation ceremony of its 40th Board of Directors led by President Nicodemus Chege over the 1-2nd July weekend at Kivu Resort in Nakuru town. And what a party befitting it was!


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RCNC was chartered in the year 1977/78 by the Rotary Club of Nairobi. Among its founding members was renown lawyer Stephen Mwenesi and the former Vice President of Kenya, Kalonzo Musyoka, giving the club a rich history.

The 1970’s is known for its eclectic dance moves and vibrant colours. That was the happy infectious setting as the hash tag “Party Like it’s the 1970s” came to life. To double the fun, there was not only a dance theme, but also travel down memory lane back to our fond school years with the dress code #BackToSchool. You haven’t lived until you have seen Betty Mbaya, incoming Assistant Professional and Leadership Director in her pussycat pony tail, Vice President Eva Nyawira clad in her innocent high school uniform or Alumnus Dickson dressed as your favourite high school bully! Don’t get me started on Jamal Harsam’s Jimmy Hendrix retro- disco funk outfit that stole as much attention as Rc JKUAT’s Dorcas with her bohemian take on the 1970’s dress code.


Kivu Resort is well tucked in Nakuru town and is home beautiful cottages with picket fences, swimming pool and gym facilities, hearty meals, colourful ambiance and a bull ride that will give you a thrill deserving of cowboys and cowgirls in Texas. Add midnight coffee, a little bit of the good drink, and a vibrant group of energetic Rotaractors clad in a mix of disco wear and throwing it back to school and you have yourself a grand party!


The installation ceremony saw members from the Rotaract Club of Kampala Ssese, twin club to RCNC represented by Rotaractors Sandra Akello and Agnes Temba, adding a little bit of a special flair to it all.


It has been an incredible 39 years of service, and in the spirit of this year’s Rotary theme, the 40th year is one which RCNC will continue making a difference, as another chapter of professional development and leadership, community service, club and international service beckons.

Viva RCNC!


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