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RCNC Culture…

“…When people think about The Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central, they think of a vibrant, aggressive and confident group of young people – a club presided over by, especially when it comes to getting things done, a President who can appear angry and brash. But there is something about the Club that you experience however brief your engagement. The Club operates as a juggernut with every individual in it, from the first time guest to the longest serving member having a role to play whether conscious of it or not. The culture of the club brings out the best in you, in spite of everything that comes to rock the larger system, whether it be poor relationship with mother club, discordance with a few over zealous individuals, lack of funds or unseriousness of Club officers, the wheels of the juggernut do not come off but, indeed, keep turning as if nothing else is happening…empowering YOU to believe in your self.


There is a persistence, a seriousness and a vision to The Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central. It seems to know where it is going and it will go in that direction, whether you like it or not. At The Rotaract Club of Nairobi central, if you only as much as try to find your place you will be treated very well, because its people are very generous. But you have to be tenacious, innovative, and strong. Besides, you have to keep moving, because the machine will grind on, whether you are on board or not.”

Adapted From Unbowed, Wangari Maathai Biography.

Huma Kaoga Kaseu

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