Rotary Sunshine Rally: Bringing Sunshine into the Lives of the Disabled

The date is Saturday 5th March 2011; the venue is the Jamhuri Show Grounds. The stadium is packed with over 3000 kids drawn from different special schools around Nairobi and its environs to as far as Machakos and Thika. There are two groups of people who are not from these schools: some are in yellow shirts and the others in blue and they both managed to bring along some friends. Others are Rally Drivers like Ian Duncan, others Musicians like Mbuvi and Jua Kali, others comedians like Inspector Mwala and so on and so forth. The men and women in yellow tops are Rotarians and they have been organizing this event for as long as some of us have no idea when but its such a long time and year in year out, they have done it gladly with each year better than the previous.

The men and women in blue are not policemen but young men and women aged 18-30 who simply refer to themselves as Rotaractors. They are volunteers drawn from different clubs who came to assist and make sure everything is in order. They help pick the kids from their various schools in different locations; they help get the kids off the buses and settle them down in their respective sitting areas; they help pack the snacks and food for the children as well as distribute them and ensure no single kid goes without their pack; they dance with the kids, play football and just chat about. At the end of the day, the young men and women help the kids get back into the buses and wave them off until next year when they assemble at the same venue once again. But thats not all, in between the time they wave off and the time they meet again next year, the Rotaractors still have time to work with some of these kids and many others not at the function through various projects. It is not a one day affair!

At the end of the day, the Rotaractors find their way to Choma Boma where after all the work of the day, they get to cool and down and play. After Fellow-shipping through Service all day long, its now time for Fellowship through Swallow-ship and a goat is not spared. Its time to get to know each other and building good will and better friendships!

In deed, it was a great day!

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