Rotary Year Begins

Its always nice to go back to the basics. Remember how far you’ve come and look at the reasons that brought you onto the path of Rotaract.

That’s why I’m sharing a few basics then you can better explain to family & friends why it is you have to spend all those weekends away 🙂

There are monthly rotary themes that guide the focus of the activities that we take part in as follows:

July – Literacy
Aug – Membership & Extensions
Sep – New generations
Oct – Vocational Service
Nov – Rotary Foundation
Dec – Family Month
Jan – Rotary Awareness
Feb – World Understanding
Mar – Literacy
Apr – Magazine
May – Promote International convention

So the next time you get into a conversation about what you do with your free time, consider it an opportunity to inspire others to join the movement – Peace Through Service


PR & Fundraising

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