Saying goodbye to Uganda from D9200

Its Tuesday 26th April 2011, I just got home from our Rotaract fortnight meetings. Luckily today there were left overs & wont have to hustle to hhhcook again. Today I feel that I should write and so I must. We “RCNC” received an award today, recognition for the most outstanding project in D9200 from the recently held 87th District conference held in Uganda. I cant help it but wish I was there to receive & look at the faces of Rotaractors & tell them WE DID IT young people always need that. Well something that has always been my passion is to see young people actually do something for a change and believing in themselves. Am like this because am from a far place and its God who got me here.

Well this note is not about the awards, the 2011-2012 conference in which am chair, nor the expectation of how far the bar is for us to match all this are but worries for another rainy day. The words that linger in my mind are from Victor who attended the District conference. He shared with me as the meeting progressed today that Uganda was going to branch away & form its own District. That Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia & Eritrea were now on their own. Well I heard about it but it didnt sink am sure you must had such a denial moment before.I never received any consultations on the decision that was made, am finding myself asking do you guys in Uganda actually want to do this. Am not sure it can be compared to a marriage, divorce kind of situation but ohh well think it that way.

In Uganda I have made friends :

Patrick Nasinyama – This guy from the time we were in Addis & when I visited Uganda this guy we balled. He picked and droped me from where I stayed, he took his time to come meet my hosts in Makerere University. He took me round to clubs to meet other presidents and introduced me to quite a number of Rotaractors & by the way it was just one week stay.

Isaac – We met here in Kenya & also in Ethiopia we had fun and really did enjoy the interactions we had during the conference as well as outings

Alex – He was blunt during the addis conference he tore Daniel into pieces and am not forgetting that easily. Will always refer to that incident in both positive and negative. I dont know what was the case in Uganda @Malcom Twino

Marion – She has been a friend and also sends very theatening messages on reports and following up on the same. You have great passion for you club & I like that sort of it keeps me on check. As a secretary you have been of great service and will continue being to us.

XXXX- I saw her once during Bowling challenge was out of words, shes very nice to be talked to and very friendly. I dont know if shes a mnyankole she can fit in with our community really well you know.

Sam Martins – He once made a trip in support for our clubs tree planting that never became. That was the saddest moment I had in a while. Though when he came we really had a nice time and talked and we been chating since then wherever he goes.

Ethel Manawi – You guys who are from way back then must know her. We met online on the D9200 hundred she helped me allot in preparation of my plan as president what to do and what not to do. She basically was an advisor and a friend. Even with her being far away abroad have treasured the friendship and the kind advice that she gave.

Bayo – This guy man we had so much fun in Uganda and his focus in Rotataract and what he wants to achieve. He visits Kenya often and have met with him a couple of times.

Daniel Kabanda – Is very interesting and quite too. We met in regard to business and was very resourceful in helping me out. True Rotaract spirit.

Malcom – We havent met since DC in Addis was looking forward to your visit and had arranged to take you to our project in Mai Mahiu but you never visited. The year has ended and was hoping for more even to just host. As of now am on hand over process and the new DRR will work with Huma our president.

Benjamin – I didnt know you had a twin, thank you for the warm welcome to your club. It was the only club that I made it for fellowship.

Kampala Central our to be Rotaract twin club thank you for according me such kindness thank you Iambeautifully. Other topics we have shared on D9200 and the many trips and how the Ugandans are loud,fun,know how to party ohh & The Kenyans comparison hehehe different and unique, Ethiopians are fly but no intermarriages yet ……..hehehe I dont want to loose a friend on twitter like last time e.g Remember the discusion of the different name we should call Mother club/Sponsor club well in this small ways I have been enlightened about key issues in Rotaract and Rotary too.

The extreme jokes that were really funny that didnt go down well with some and the more they made a fuss out of it the more it became enticing. This friendship thing the goodtimes & all may go on so let me just pass my point. To say the truth Rotaractors and Rotarians plus their clubs in Uganda have been sort of like a light a candle a torch to light the path on what Rotaract & Rotary really stands for.

They have do it well and thats why they want to even branch away. Am not putting you too high up but we will have once in a while a comparison or two of how Uganda clubs do their thing to try encourage our clubs. Now with Uganda deciding to go separate ways it really will not be same again. Lets me call a spade a big spoon for abit. We can survive and do it,we definitely have what it takes, but looking back at my visits there, how much I come back with syke and excitement after visiting Uganda and reading about the projects they are doing am out of words.

The worst thing to do is to be in denial that we have RINOs more than we can handle in Rotary and Rotaract different species. Those in denial of this fact can visit Uganda and listen to the Ugandans experiences with Rotarians and Rotaractors here & world over. Did we loose the true value or true essence of Rotary and rotaract can we have Uganda help us to acquire it? Not by leaving and abandoning us, its by giving a hand and correcting us in love and friendship? This am saying not to build bile and bitter venom of calling each other names its evident in the small struggles we have here in Kenya.

Remebering the last event when I visited it was the Rotaract bowling challenge, so many co-operate sponsors indeed came along to support the event I was wowed by this guys. They were together with Rotarians and had managed to gather such an amount of support and they did raise allot on that day.Am sure by the look of the DC 2011-2012 it was the same beacuse I have seen the banners. The thing I realized while there was that in Uganda people indeed understand what it means to Serve, no one is of a higher rank than the other Rotaract and Rotary both work as a team.

Yes I hear you mumbling there, here our Rotaractors have to up their credibility and be reliable. YES they have to. Well all in all what am saying is that Uganda has allot to play in East Africa both in Rotary/Rotaract Affairs and also in the Economic affairs. Leave out the politics behind the EAC, but this relationships in Rotary/Rotaract have been forged through:

Sharing Problems
District Conference

Business relationships can only be build through trust, after working together in Rotaract then Rotary we can help each other in business and even intermarry you know. Do you honestly lets think even with Uganda going separate ways they will be an opprotunity for the above to be met? Well I dont think so. Some for those who have friends like me but not for those who are new members in Rotaract.

I will keep in touch with Patrick yes but this will be on persona basis the Interactions that Rotary/Rotaract had given us will no longer be there. I have longed to go to Ssese Islands projects as long as I can remember am not sure what happens each time the trip comes around but am hoping it will come at a good time to attend. Whether in the District or not. I wonder what Rotaract Milimani & Rotaract Muthaiga will do with their twin clubs. As RCNC we havent had a tight twin club there but I do honestly envy this 2 relationships. If a miracle should happen and somehow the decision makers in Uganda decide to remain in D9200 am all for it. This is not a campaign by the way am so busy and cannot support a media campaign to keep you guys, though I can support one :).

THE LESSON IS. ITS NOT THAT THE OTHER COUNTRIES DONT KNOW THEY ARE LAGGING BEHIND UGANDA HAS DONE ALLOT IN THE DISTRICT WE STRIVE TO EMULATE YOU, AT LEAST I KNOW I DO SPEAKING FOR MYSELF. WHAT I KNOW NOW IS WHEN YOU NEED TO ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT SERVICE IS TO THE DISTRICT BY: Helping Eritrea come up again and be active in the district (see how much Rotary would be of an impact to that country e.g like the Polio impact) Look at Ethiopia and their clubs what can they improve on so that we can get to where we have always envisioned to be (even win an RI award as a district with the best cohesiveness) Look at Tanzania – why are they fading away will can we be able to move from our comfort zones and reach out to them as Rotary/Rotaract. Am informed that next year will be the last attendance of District conference which we host as Kenya and as District Chair if am able to convince someone up there I wish that you would stick home.Even as Africa we can choose to stick together not because we have achieved so much but the change we can impact in pulling another up. Uganda your part of this family and you cannot just walk away from it. We are one family and we have to stick together.

I speak as a child of Africa born in D9200.


Michael Waiyaki
Outgoing President
The Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central
District Conference Chair 2011-2012 Kenya

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