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In a world that is rushed and a majority have no time to serve the needs of others; some people resolve to hush and be selfless and they serve the need of others.

In a world that is rushed and the economic environment extremely hostile and everyone is rushing to make the extra cent and live the good life; some people resolve to hush and be selfless and they offer their intellect and services for the service of humanity at no cost at all.

In a world that is rushed and there is no time to serve but oneself; some people find time to serve The Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central.

Michael Waiyaki Ng’ang’a, Lucy Mwangi and Norman Kuria were yesterday night recognized and awarded for their sterling performance and diligent service to the club for the first quarter of the Rotary Year 2011/2012. And what better rewards than these:

From Left: Michael Waiyaki Ng'ang'a, President Huma Kaoga Kaseu, Lucy Mwangi, Norman Kuria - RCNC 2011/2012 Sterling Performers



Norman Kuria, the Club Financial Director who has been running up and down for the better part of the last three months gets an all expenses paid 3-Day Conference and Camping Package to attend the Kijabe Environmental Volunteers Youth Conference.

As part of their Youth Empowerment and Education program, Kijabe Environment Volunteers have  organized a conference that will  take place from 15th  to 16th Oct. 2011 at the Osotua Camp and Cottages along the Great North Road. The conference is expected to bring together about 100 youths from different areas of Kenya. Among the youths expected to attend will be alumni formed from KENVO’s successful Canada World Youth Exchange (CWY/ KENVO) program that happens every year since the year 2004-05 to date. The conference aims  to create a platform for the alumni to share issues related to the youths and how to face them. It will also be a chance for the youths to re-connect and strengthen their network. In a bid to expand the network, the conference will also host non-alumni youths from KENVO’s partners who will share experiences with the CWY/KENVO alumni and life during and after the exchange program.
For those of us who remember very well, Kijabe Environmental Volunteers (KENVO) was one of our partners in early April this year for our tree planting initiative where they provided 2300 tree seedlings that were planted by Rotaractors at the Kereita Forest. Later on that evening, Norman Kuria and his family hosted over 140 Rotaractors at their home in Kijabe. Norman has been instrumental in ensuring that club members pay up their dues; the club pays up its District dues on time and that the clubs bank account and financial records are up to date and in order. Other than that, Norman serves as the club’s Sergeant at Arms (SAA) and has managed to tremendously improve these collections tenfold. He is also an active member of the Community Service Committee and has also been actively involved in the Club’s Professional Development Committee Interact Clubs’ Mentorship Program. We thank him for his dedicated and exemplary performance.
We also wish to thank our friend, Martha Nzisa, who facilitated this award to be availed to the club through Nature Kenya and Kijabe Environmental Volunteers.
Michael’s records speak for themselves and he certainly needs no introduction. The Immediate Past President of the club and the current Chair of the 24th D9200 Rotaract Conference and Assembly (24th Rotaract District Conference and Assembly) has served the club diligently for over 5 years and continues to provide leadership and mentorship to the current RCNC Board. Michael has been appointed by Health Education Africa Resource Team (HEART) to sit and serve on the Board of Directors of the Freedom for Girls Organization (Lions-Rotary Sanitary Towels Project). Michael will be sitting on board with Rotarians Vickie Wickler, founder and director of HEART, and Doshi, of the Doshi Group of Companies. This great opportunity to serve on this board gives Michael the chance to drive the agenda for the Sanitary Pads for Africa project and propel it to the next level. Michael brings on board his youthful leadership and wealth of experience in Software Solutions Development.
The club’s Secretary has also been appointed to serve on the same board with Michael, Rotarians Doshi and Vickie. The club is indebted to Lucy for ensuring that all club administration records are properly kept and also ensuring that the Board of Directors meets every month as is required. Lucy has diligently served the club as a member of the Community Service Committee and has also actively participated in the club’s Professional Development Committee Interact Clubs’ Mentorship Program. Lucy is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Tropical and Infectious Diseases at UNITID (University of Nairobi Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases) and is also attached at the same institution.
What is Lucy bringing on board at Freedom for Girls? Well in her own words, she says:
” I am big on infection control (obviously) and health education. The lack of awareness among even people our own age is sad. Today, someone I spoke to said “boys don’t know what goes on with you girls…and ladies don’t talk about it…we only find out once we have first sexual encounter..and even then, we may not get it….lucky for me, I’m in medical field, so I get it. So at this point I’m about hygiene upto and including handwashing, proper washing of undergarments, provision of clean water for the above. OK…at this point I’m still not sure what the mandate for the board is, so I’m just rolling with it…..:-)
This opportunity will give Lucy the chance to greatly develop and enhance her experience in the field and help her network with other professionals in the same field.
We wish both Lucy and Michael great success in their endeavors as they serve young girls all over Africa and empower them to propel to greater heights.
It is not possible to quantify and even pay back the time, skills, intellect and other resources these individuals and other members of RCNC have put into ensuring the club runs efficiently and fulfills its mandate. We thank each and every member that has in one way or the other, whether small or big, contributed in ensuring this club is what it is today. We congratulate these three for their sterling performance. We would like to encourage all members and guests to make their own contributions to the club and be part of making the success and difference we so much desire for ourselves and our communities. Own the success by being part of making it. We do not take for granted your contributions because we have a feel of what it takes and the sacrifices you make to serve humanity.

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  1. Martha
    Martha says:

    I feel privileged to be a friend of the RCNC. I kindly welcome Norman on behalf of the Canada World Youth Alumni and KENVO. I hope you will take back the lessons you learn to the club. Congratulations to the rest of the group, you are doing amazing work.


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