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THE ERIC PERSPECTIVE: Passion Vs. Profession, Entrepreneurship Vs. Employment

Tuesday, 5th June 2012 | 6.00 – 8.00 p.m. | Laico Regency Hotel

Meet the self-making billionaire, Eric Mungai & the not very new kid on the entertainment scene, Eric Kilingo aka Ali Baba of Q FM & the XYZ and maybe its time we realize our talents are a great asset and definitely the best bet for a fulfilled life and entrepreneurship beats employment any day… No doubt about that. Make a date with Eric & Eric…

Eric Kilingo is an Environmental Science graduate. As Alibaba, he ventured into theatre and furiously pursues his passion. From Kenyatta University Traveling Theatre to doing voice overs for Kenya’s Political Satire TV Show XYZ unto Radio presenter at Q FM, Ali Baba’s passion for his passion is nothing shot of passionate. His parents must be among the few lucky ones because despite his early discovery of a talent within, he pursued his studies to completion…

Eric Mungai is a long serving member of the club and he is the self-made billionaire in the making. It will surprise you he started his long journey to entrepreneurship in class 7 and despite handling lots of money then, his parents are still like Ali Baba’s parents the few lucky ones because he did not opt out of school. In such harsh economic times and venturing into an extremely competitive field, Eric took the risk, forewent the security that comes with a guaranteed fat cheque at the end of the month and quit employment to set up his own Consultancy Firm, Fin Solutions.

Join us as we get the Eric’s Perspectives on what it takes to do what they do and why alternative livelihoods is not commensurate to quitting school.

It is the pursuit of passion and entrepreneurship and curving your own niche…

Meet Alibaba on stage…


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