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THE LISBON DETOUR: Your 2012/13 RCNC Travel Guide

The Road to Lisbon has begun. We are going land, sea and air! Join our travel teams…

No matter which detour you take whether you were part of the jungle fest in the unfamiliar territories of Olerai or you will be part of the Kenya inland entourages to Isinya, Embu, Mfangano Islands etc or whether you will cross borders to more unfamiliar territories, count yourself part of the great race to Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal!

Our local and international tourist Caroline Njoki will let us into the nitty gritty of local tourism and your role in it.

Thereafter, we shall form 4 travel teams, the team leaders who have travelled to this destinations before will give an overview of what you need from finances to the dreaded injections, the visas etc for each of the trips and the team members will device & discuss ways and means of raising funds and getting ready for the trips. Each team will be required to recruit other team members including friends in and out of Rotaract to join the trips:

The Road to the Rotaract Club of Kampala Ssese Islands Serinya Primary School Annual Community Outreach Project in the Ssese Islands. The team leader is Eric Mungai who participated in the project last Rotary Year.
The Road to the Great Ethiopian Run and twinning project with the Rotaract Club of Mella. Perhaps the greatest road race in Africa, the Great Run will give you an opportunity meet hundreds of Rotaractors led by the Rotaract Club of Mella and thousands of Ethiopians and share your diversities, network, exchange ideas and forge great friendships for years to come. The team leader is Tyrus Gichu who participated in the Great Run last Rotary year, worked with the Rotaract Club of Mella and initiated our club’s twinning with them.


The Road to the 25th DCA. The last of it as District 9200, the 25th Rotaract Conference & Assembly shall be held at the Neptune Paradise Village South Coast and this is your chance to meet over 500 Rotaractors and over a thousand Rotarians from District 9200 comprising Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Southern Sudan, Tanzania & Uganda. This is the biggest International Service activity for Rotaract and there are myriad opportunities and endless possibilities for networking, information sharing and forging those great friendships. The team leaders for this are Otieno Nyadimo and Shiko Mbogo who have perhaps attended more District Conferences than any of us.

Over 35,000 participants attended the 103rd Rotary International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand in May 2012. Whether it will take a road trip to Morroco and a 15 kilometer swim across the Atlantic to land in Portugal or the more familiar air flight, Lisbon we must go. Where will you sleep? I don’t think we need accommodation, we can party hop the whole 3 days or maybe we can establish contacts right away and get to get hosted. Either way, Lisbon we must go. And now that we have contacts in Poland, France, Italy and Germany, what can stop us from doing the Euro Trip? Endless possibilities. Start saving now, register now. Join the team leader Alvin Kimani who is more familiar with the Europe region and Dennis Legrand who was an attendee of the Bangkok Convention and start planning now!

And those are the opportunities Rotary & Rotaract presents to you. Join a travel team of your choice and plan to be a beneficiary of these International Service adventures.

Lisbon we must GO!

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