Steve Nyabwa, a finalist at the Tusker Project Fame, started the RCNC Professional Development 3rd Quarter Calendar on a high note. Being one of the guest speakers at our first meeting for the year 2011, Steve, who is a singer and motivational speaker could not have brought out some facts any clearer. The whole talk was motivational and inspiring but what caught my ears the most is when he said to the audience that “It is our talents that will take us to great places, enable us to meet great people (presidents, kings etc). A little known musician from some island in Lake Victoria gets a chance to meet the President or Prime Minister simply because he released a song that caught the president’s attention while the ordinary professional rarely gets a chance to meet even a minister or the mayor of the city.”

Our talents are our greatest resource in our life time and while most of us prefer the normal work routine and wouldn’t mind not meeting the president or prime minister, we can never be really fulfilled unless we exploit those talents. After a 3 year stay at Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central, there is no doubt in my mind that the membership is robust with talent. Some have fully exploited their talent and are on their way up. Others are realizing their inner potential and are closely following the rest. The rest are yet to discover their talents and it is only a matter of time before they take off and join the status quo. In deed, the club is not wanting in talent.

For the better part of the Rotary Year 2010/2011, we saw it fit that we concentrate on bringing in young individuals who the membership can well relate to and show them that they too can unleash their potential and do great stuff. They might not want to meet the president, kings or prime minister, but they sure need to live a fulfilled life and that is only possible if they bring out that which is their inner ability – Raw Talent.

This coming Tuesday, 26th April 2011 at exactly 6.00 p.m. at the Laico Regency, the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central will be bringing you two young ladies (in their mid twenties), who have realized their talent and are doing great stuff out there. To Felista Wangari and Joan Kabugu, there are no limits to what you can do with your inner abilities and they are doing great stuff living their potential and would like to encourage you to live your potential too.

The two are finding their niche in the media industry and are on their way to greatness (not necessarily meeting kings and presidents but the thought of living a fulfilled life because they are utilizing that which is within them for their own good and that of the world.

Here is what the two have to say about what they do. Be sure to catch them on Tuesday.

Felista Wangari

I got into media in a very interesting manner. But in retrospect it was only natural that it was the path I would take. I studied Special Education and German at Kenyatta University. So one would have expected that I would focus on teaching and caring for people with special needs. But in my last year at KU I applied to join the Media Lab project at the Nation Media Group. After a year-long training I am now writing for Saturday Nation among other publications. I feel very at home with what I am doing now because I am using one of my natural inclinations to reach out to many people.

You can follow me on my blog at: www.felepiphany.blogspot.com



Joan Mwihaki Kabugu has attended writing workshops with Storymoja, Kwani Litfest and Maisha film labs. She has worked largely in TV production, and as a writer published pieces in the Standard and Nation newspapers. She does travel writing,children writing and fiction. She is developing a series of children’s books that will rock East Africa. Her first published work is in this series is”The boom boom bus”.

This year she made her debut as a film maker when her screenplay won a prize, she got a chance to direct her first short film and tell her story. “Madam chief” is the title and its something to look out for sometime this year.

She enjoys reading, swimming and social networking. She also attends all sorts of forums to be at par with what is happening in the media, publishing and entertainment industry.

You can catch up with Joan on: http://joansdiary101.blogspot.com/

“….Kindness is better than eloquence….” says Joan, Author: The Boom Boom Bus

See you then. Come unleash your potential!

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