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The World is rushed unto a point we hush. We are tempted to keep pace with the world unto a point we believe we have to do what everyone else is doing to keep pace with the world. But not so, we can distinguish ourselves and our strongest of virtues not only keep us at pace with the world but set the pace for the world. They are what will keep us going even after the rush is over. They are what will keep the world going after the rush is over. They are what will make the world a better place and they are what will restore the world when the rush is over. Hush them not, rush them!


“When everyone wants to talk, distinguish yourself: Be the LISTENER.”

“When everyone wants to be rude and arrogant, distinguish yourself: Be HUMBLE.”

“When everyone wants to take it all and give nothing at all, distinguish yourself: GIVE IT ALL.”

“When everyone wants to be selfish, distinguish yourself: Be SELFLESS.”

“When everyone wants to be the master and be served, distinguish yourself: Be the SERVANT.”

“When everyone wants to blame someone or something, distinguish yourself: TAKE THE BLAME”


For it is in such rare moments of distinguishing oneself when the forces of the masses are at their strongest negative points that you will require all that you have got to bring out the strongest of your virtues that will prevail the test of time and make a difference within the masses, for the masses.


For not ones have I seen the great men and women that walked this earth hailed for their treachery, selfishness, arrogance, bloodthirstiness, hatred and all vices as having made a great and lasting positive impact in the world. It is those that persisted, loved, listened, served, cared, and gave it all that have made lasting impressions in the world, made it a better place that continue to be celebrated throughout the ages. It is because they chose to distinguish themselves at a point in their lifetime when the world was rushed and they chose not to hush their virtues. After the rush was over, it is their virtues that kept the world going and it is these great men that we remember not for their vices but for their virtues.


The world is not a playground for us to compete against each other to outdo each other. Use your abilities to the best of your ability to make the world better and not yourself. When we try to outdo each other, we spend most of our energies in trying trying to be the best at what someone else is good at so that we can be better than them. All the while, we are busy pursuing other people’s abilities instead of our own and we end up not contributing much to the world but our selfish little pathetic and mediocre selves.


In the world we can make a play field where we all seek to use our abilities to the best of our abilities, not to outdo each other but to outdo ourselves and make the world, not us, a better place, for us.



Just a Thought:

“We are already worried about what happens next year after the general elections, will there be peace? We have even perhaps started making travel arrangements and even saved up to buy as much stocks as we will need just in case! Well, we can, instead of worrying, create that peace now. We can create, now, an environment that will foster brotherhood and create peace such that we don’t have to buy our stocks of groceries now. We will buy them then because now, we focus on creating that peace that we will need then!”

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