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With 81 participants drawn from 8 different nations representing 4 continents, 7th July 2012 saw the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central embark on a journey that would take us on a great cultural expedition transversing different destinations celebrating our cultural diversities both online and offline.  Tribe 360 is an International Service project of the club that seeks to celebrate our diversity of cultures by participants exchanging cultural information thus promoting greater understanding among people of different cultures. We believe that greater understanding of different cultures will go a long way in enhancing Rotary’s efforts in Peace and Conflict Resolution and more so this year whose theme is “Peace through Service”. The 81 participants from Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, USA, Poland, the Maldives, Italy and France formed the first Tribe 360 community that has thus far increased to 225. The project encourages young people to celebrate their own cultures and those of other people by organizing cultural events, attending and participating in cultural events as well as visiting areas of cultural significance whenever they visit another country and share their experiences through photographs, video clips and narrations.

Offline, under the project, the club has been able to organize various culturally themed events that include the official launch dubbed ‘Jungle Affair Culture Fest & Installation ceremony; a Karaoke made in Africa; a mini-Polish exhibition and quiz where four Polish research students that the club hosted for two months were able to display and take participants on a journey through Poland and taught us the Polonez dance; an Arts & Fashion Bonanza celebrating African arts & fashion; a Cultural Quiz night where the Rotaract Club of Kenyatta University emerged winners; and the first ever Rotary thematic calendar was designed adopting an African theme. The calendar gave an opportunity to some members of the club to visit over 30 Rotary clubs in Kenya and Uganda and received overwhelming support from over 170 individual Rotarians. Post cards and stickers were also designed under the project and together with the calendars boosted our fundraising and public relations efforts both in and out of the club. The project also saw a few members of the club attend and share their experiences at the Lamu Cultural Festival and Focus on Kenyan Music live performances at the French Cultural Centre in Nairobi. Sheer coincidence came in when members were witness to Past President Michael Waiyaki’s Kikuyu traditional wedding ceremony and the Rotary Club of Nairobi traditional Installation ceremony that adopted the Nigerian culture. These experiences have been enriching for participants and have enhanced our appreciation of other cultures.

Tribe 360 online community of over 225 members continues to grow everyday and even though we have not managed our target of over 200,000 members, thus far the support has been overwhelming. With a facebook page, a wordpress blog, and a You Tube video clip, participants continue to share their cultural experiences through pictures and narrations. The compilation of a 360 paged online book of cultures is underway and was the ultimate goal of the project collecting 360 cultural experiences by young people.

The project has given us an opportunity to exploit our various abilities such as in design with member Gatei Waweru being the creative behind the Rotary Thematic Calendar, the project logo and the project homemade banner. Member Otieno Nyadimo was instrumental in the shooting and editing of the You Tube video clip and was the official photographer of the culture fest which gave us the opportunity to produce postcards under the project. International Service director Charles Mwakio Emceeing came in handy at the Karaoke Made in Africa and Cultural Quiz Challenge. Tec savvy Club Service director has been instrumental in the online management of the project and has made it possible for us to have the online 360 paged book of tribes.

The Tribe 360 journey has been an amazing and enriching experience and will continue running up until 7th July 2013 and hopefully beyond that.

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