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WAKATI ISSUE 1/2012-13 RY – The 35th Anniversary Issue

35 Years and still growing strong…
History is beautiful and when history is told by those who created it, it makes much more sense. It gives meaning to why we must do what we are doing right now because we too shall be challenged by those who come after us to tell them what we created that will be their history.

The first quarter of this Rotary Year 2012/13 saw the club organize for the first time not just in Kenya but the entire District 9200, an alumni dinner as we celebrated 35 years of Professional and Leadership Development, Community Service, Fun, Friendship & Fellowship. And no one would have told our history better than our founding father, Rtn. Mike Eldon who in detail took us back to our delivery room back in 1977/78 when the first borns of RCNC turned out to be Kenya’s 7th vice president, Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka and renowned lawyer Rtn. Stephen Mwenesi. And his challenge to us was for us to keep RCNC alive and to that we shall remain obliged! We shall ensure we create a beautiful history for those who come after us. The future of RCNC is certainly bright and the first issue of 2012/13 Wakati celebrates the great strides we have made in the last 35 years. Hope you enjoy your read with every turn of the page…

Wakati 35th Anniversary Issue

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